It actually snowed in Tokyo this January!!! So that morning I decided on going for a hike and ended up getting my boots completely sopped.


but it was worth it! The entire scene was really eerie and creepy, like out of a apocalyptic movie.


Also nobody else was crazy enough like me to be out on a monday morning hiking through the snow.  So it was complete silence other than some cars in the distance. It really gave that horror movie kind of feel!

The best part of all of this was that just the day before it was really warm so flowers were blooming.


THAT resulted in flowers and snow!!


Walking through the woods was like walking through some magical kingdom of ice flowers. Just imagine flowers frozen in cold, crystal ice. It was exactly what i needed,  time away from people and to just be in my own little kingdom.


I decided to go explore Akihabara with a friend of mine!


Akihabara is the electric town/ Otaku (Geek) district in Japan. It’s really famous and a MUST SEE if you visit Tokyo.


The fashion here compared to the West is just insane. I mean I’ve seen SOO many bags like THIS and nobody gives it a second glance! I saw complete OUTFITS full of anime buttons and key chains and its just normal!


It’s just a world where you can express your geek levels to ANY extent! Its actually quite a liberating feeling.

Nails lights

This place is just filled to the brim with random times. Honestly if we had had more time I would have gotten my nails done with something AWESOME. The LED sections of Akihabara are my favorite. They have SUCH a variety of lights and lightbubs, you can literally create ANYTHING here, its only limited to your imagination (or in my case how much money you have).


This I swear is just a loaf of bread with whipped cream on top. I mean LOOK AT THAT. Unfortunately we didn’t get this delicious loaf of bread.

It was incredibly windy (and pretty cold) that day. The wind was literally tossing us around like rag dolls. So We desperately searched for a place to sit and eat and stumbled upon a “Milk Bar”.

DSC02998 DSC02999

Now, Ive played Zelda for as long as I can remember and seeing THIS practically put me to tears. I felt like i had been placed RIGHT in a video game.

To end it all, we bought a bag of HUGE marshmallows and went to a park and just roasted them.


Now I PROBABLY wasn’t allowed to light incredibly huge marshmallows on fire in a park, but its okay, cause it was all delicious. The only thing missing was someone to play the guitar as we roasted marshmallows.


Then on the way home, stumbling upon a flower garden as the sun was setting = perfect timing and perfect way to end the day!!


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