Tokyo people watching

Ive recently developed this hobby of photographing people at their rawest moments. What i mean by that is when they aren’t putting up a mask (metaphorically speaking).


Oddly enough when i look at the photos i take, most of them seem to be people when they are sleeping. As well as on the train.


Here I was in Kappabashi when a mother went in a store and left her sleeping child in a bike basket. I was shocked! she just LEFT her child! This is why Japan is so interesting to me.


All day people put on this face of social acceptance, but there are rare times when they just drop it all, and I just really love to capture those moments.


The Japanese especially interest me because how calm and collected they are in public, so trying to capture them in one of their “true” emotions is especially a challenge for me.


Of course, when they are sleeping it is a little easier (and this baby was just too adorable).


Its not just the japanese though, I’m interested in all people. I met this man reading one of my favourite series (Lord of the Rings). This was his fifth time reading it! What caught my attention from him was his expressions while reading.


I’d recommend people to stop being so absorbed in their own lives and just take a breath, sit back, and watch the world. I don’t know about others, but for me it just really makes me feel relaxed.


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