Anime Japan 2015

Okay okay okay, I LOVE conventions. The atmosphere, the people, the goodies you get, ALL of it!! So, I’ve always heard these legends of Japanese anime conventions. I was reeeeaallly pumped to finally visit one!  But once the whole even was over, I left feeling, kind of disappointed. Anime Japan seems to be more Company run, (i probably would have figured that our earlier if I had checked out the website). Anyway, There weren’t many activities to do. Only certain anime’s had booths, and there was a TON of floorspace with few booths. Perhaps it was because I missed some events on the stages?


The crowd control was done really well. The queues were really small and there was barely any issue with overcrowding (its a con, there was BOUND to be some crowdedness).

Now, onto my favourite part! The COSPLAY!. I had a quick closet cosplay  of Shizuo from “Durarara” practically made on the day of the con, so it really wasn’t much. There were some really nice cosplay, but again, I didn’t see many cosplayers overall. The only time I really got to see cosplayers was when we were all herded to the changing rooms near closing time. In Japan you are only allowed to cosplay in certain areas, absolutely NO leaving the building :/. Although I was upset at the rules and how they wouldn’t give me time to pose for ONE photo, This is japan, so I respected their odd rules 😛 The other cosplayers we saw were beautiful and friendly, willing to pose for photos whilst waiting in the queue to change. It was really odd because the Changing room was just a big tent, no personal space, you sat next to another cosplayed and just did your thang and got into your normal clothes

 *TIP: bring your own portable mirror! there are none in the changing tents, so taking off makeup is a wee bit difficult!! D:


There were some really cool exhibits. Such as THIS one. There were fake sakura flowers fluttering down from the ceiling of the booth. It was really cute!! ❤

In comparison to conventions such as Dragon con, or even the MCM Expo in London, I don’t think this convention really stands a chance against them. Im sure not ALL conventions in Japan were like this one. hopefully my opinion will be changed later on!!

So here is a photo dump of some of the Cool sights and Awesome Cosplay I got to witnesss!!! ❤

DSC03094    DSC03102

DSC03118   DSC03101   DSC03106

DSC03109DSC03112   DSC03111        DSC03117DSC03119


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