Anime Japan 2015

Okay okay okay, I LOVE conventions. The atmosphere, the people, the goodies you get, ALL of it!! So, I’ve always heard these legends of Japanese anime conventions. I was reeeeaallly pumped to finally visit one!  But once the whole even was over, I left feeling, kind of disappointed. Anime Japan seems to be more Company … More Anime Japan 2015


It actually snowed in Tokyo this January!!! So that morning I decided on going for a hike and ended up getting my boots completely sopped. but it was worth it! The entire scene was really eerie and creepy, like out of a apocalyptic movie. Also nobody else was crazy enough like me to be out on a … More January


my adventure started in the suburbs of maryland, since then I’ve lived for five years in Europe and now i live in Asia, Japan. I want somewhere to share my stories and hope this blog will be the right place! I guess ill begin with my first major shrine visit with my father. Here is … More Welcome!